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Learn About Me

This is the story of how I became Heather Smith. 

In The Past

Nice to meet you. I'm Heather. 

My youth was spent moving from place to place with my family. Dad was in the Air Force and was reassigned every three years. Mom always tried to find consistencies between bases to make the moves less jarring. Mostly, it was scouts. This upbringing and Girl Scouts made me resilient, brave, tenacious, hard-working, and, sadly, aloof.


From left to right: Melanie, the middle sister, Dad, Nicholas, the younger brother, and Heather. 
From left to right: Minerva, Jeremiah, Kayleb, and Heather. 

Happening Today

Still Heather, but with a few more years.

Professionally, I have been working as a video editor of advertisements for ten years. I have always thought myself lucky to work in a career that matches my bachelor's degree. It is a great way to be creative while also being analytical. The creativity comes when I can design and edit a video. The analytical is used when I am coding animations for the videos. 

I have been married to my husband, Jeremiah, since 2014. Our son, Kayleb, was born in 2020, and our daughter, Minerva, was born in 2021. I wanted them to grow up close like I did with my siblings. If there is one thing I have learned, it is that family is forever, if you like it or not. Our family loves to bowl. Jeremiah and I each bowl on a league and do our best to volunteer with our local association when needed. I have served on the State United States Bowling Congress (USBC) Board as a director and ran the Women's State Tournament in 2019. 

Future Dreams

If I could dream a Heather, this is who I would be.

With a MA in Strategic Communications in my toolbox, it is time to step into the next phase of my life. Some of my dreams are nothing special, a bigger house, a healthy family, and financial stability, but I dream it all the same. My professional goals are a bit more lofty. After working with small businesses and non-profits all my life, I want to move on to help the small fry with their communication needs.


Small business owners are not savvy in their communication planning. They started their business because of their niche, not social media or advertisement. My ultimate dream is to create a company to help with their communication efforts, including social media planning, branding and awareness, and simple press kits. 

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