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On this page, you will see a highlight of my best works. There are three video reels to show off my creative works and two school papers that show my ability to be analytical, organized, and to think critically. 

Videographer Reel

This is a reel of my videography work. I have actively been shooting videos professionally for five years now. I still learn new things about cameras and videography, but I have created some beautiful videos. 

Video Editor Reel

This reel is a compilation of the best editing work from my last five years at Midco. Editing has always come easy to me, but it still requires much work to look professional. 

Digital  Design Strategy

For COM 561 in Fall 2021 we were tasked with creating exhaustive content for a specific topic. I chose to create a support group for bowling wives called the 5 Pin Spouse Club. This club is based on the military spouse clubs that exist across all branches of our military. This piece shows my ability to think on the full picture of content creation.   The highlight of the site is my blog where I share and refect on topics throughout the course. The main attarctions are: 

  1. The Logo

  2. The Brochure

  3. The Video

  4. The Podcast

five pin spouse club.png

Brand Audit

I completed This brand analysis for COMSTRAT 564: Consumer Behavior and Brand Development In Spring 2023. The prompt was to research a brand and its history, then analyze how it used its brand through advertisement and social media. I extensively researched the company BlackLine, founded by Theresa Tucker, and its assets. 

Social Media Campaign

This social media campaign proposal was completed for COMSTRAT 563: Professional Digital Content Promotion In the Summer of 2022. Dakota Nuts-N-Candy is a local candy store who's owner needs extra guidance for their social media usage. I created this campaign to help him increase his social media footprint.  

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